Key issues to focus on when building a website

frddessNowadays, building a website can be done easily with the immense amount of software or tools. Once upon a time, people used to dread making a website because of the amount of technical knowledge required. People dread HTML codes, Javascript, Flash codes to name a few and this kept people away from having their website.

Currently, robust programs can make anyone a great website designer. But if you want to build a website that works for you, there are five key issues that you need to focus on.

1. Choose a Good Title
These might seem unimportant to most people, but this is the first thing that human visitors and search engines look for. Write a short sentence for your title. Having one or two words doesn’t tell much about your website. If you are stuck about thinking for a good title, go to Google Keywords. It is a free tool to use. Choosing a high traffic phrase for your title can mean more visitors to your website. Alternatively, take some time to think of a good title for your site.

2. Research on the Website Topic
Taking some time to study on your website topic can work wonders for you in the long run. Be certain about what you want to write about. This is especially important when you have a blog on your website. You need to decide what your blog or website is about. If your web page is about weight loss, make sure you know enough about weight loss before building a website. Doing some reading about weight loss and reading weight loss blogs are some examples you can do before deciding to add content to your site.

3. Keyword Research
Keyword research must not be underestimated these days. Having good keywords in the website can help promote traffic and boost your search engine rankings. Building a website using non-specific keywords may be alright for you and your human visitors but not to search engines. Search engines are always looking for new content based on particular keywords. Again, using the Google keyword tool can help you decide which are right high traffic keywords.

4. Monetize Your Website
Monetizing your site means making money with your website. One way is to join an affiliate program. An affiliate program basically means you choose a product to promote and for every product you sell you earn a commission. The easiest place to start choosing affiliate products is at ClickBank. However, you can monetize your web page by adding Google AdSense. Google AdSense helps you to earn when someone clicks on a Google sponsored link located on your website.

5. Drive traffic to your website
Some of the simple ways you can do is to write content and submit it to content directories, participate in blog discussions and forums and leave your links or forum signatures there. You can also join social networking programs and add links or content that lead back to your website. Pay-per-click advertising is also another excellent way to drive traffic.

Most websites don’t get traffic and don’t earn any money unless done in the right way. If you were to follow the simple instructions noted above, you are on your way to building a website that works for you.